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  • A Leader in Art Marketing and promotion. We specialize in developing TARGETED Marketing Plans to meet the needs of each client.
  • "We do ALL the work and "post" to at least 10 online galleries that you VERIFY and review!" Your artworks will be seen by MILLIONS of art buyers within Ten (10) days
  • Our services and strategies are "customized" to the specific style, background and requirements of each visual artist and their artworks.
  • Our goal is to match artworks to the "right" ONLINE galleries and CONNECT to  buyers to deliver worldwide sales and results- 24/7
  • We match your artwork to the right online galleries buyers.
  • E COMMERCE: We provide SEO, Payment, email "capture" solutions and art pricing.
  • NOTE - It takes ONLY 1 sale and/or collector of your art works to pay for your art marketing investment with us!

Where Your Art Meets Buyers - the world is waiting!

"I chose one of their consultation sessions and it saved me a lot of time and money. The team at the Agency suggested 7 worldwide online galleries. My sales have skyrocketed. I now reach the "right" buyers 24/7. Plus, they did ALL the work, you get A LOT. I recommend them."

- Richie L. Fine Art Photographer, Los Angeles, California

"Their guidance including the valuable "postings' to worldwide galleries has increased my sales and a dramatic increase in visitors to my website. Plus,they set me up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Selling online needs an expert and I am glad that I found a partner like the Agency. Two thumps up."

- Margery G. Watercolorist & Painter,Wash DC

"I am a Latin artist, the Agency suggested an online gallery in South America that had many Latin American art buyers and collectors, my sales have been incredible and many more website visitors see my arte. Gracias Marketing Art Agency."

- Isolda Mora Noli, Artist, Gallery Owner, Boca Raton Fla

"There simply is no better art marketing investment for to deliver more results and benefits for today's artists,especially with our money-back guarantees, target marketing and ten page "custom" Report. Your ambition. Our expertise."

- Will Tucker, Agency Director since 2009, The Marketing Art Agency

"The Team at the Agency suggested I NOT advertise on two of the pay art sites I used and recommended five (5) that were free and better matched my art with buyers. With their expert advice, I now have a solid plan, top-ranked website and a lot MORE sales. I recommend them"

- Karen T. photographer, Arlington,Virginia

"Making money is art and good business is
the best art." - Andy Warhol

"Art is not what you SEE,but what you make
others SEE." - Edgar Degas